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PlateletWeb provides a novel systems biology workbench for the analysis of platelet signaling in the functional context of integrated networks. The database was established combining data from recent platelet proteome and transcriptome (SAGE) studies with information on protein-protein interactions and kinase-substrate relationships extracted from bioinformatical databases as well as published literature. The mass spectrometry-based platelet phosphoproteome was combined with site-specific phosphorylation/ dephosphorylation information from the Human Protein Database (HPRD), enhanced with data from PhosphoSite and complemented by bioinformatical sequence analysis for site-specific kinase predictions. The integration of annotations on kinases, protein domains, transmembrane regions, Gene Ontology, disease associations and drug targets provides ample functional tools for platelet signaling analysis. The use of graphical visualisation for specific subnetworks allows the investigation of major signaling modules involved in platelet activation and inhibition. Through integration of various information sources and high curation standards, PlateletWeb offers the systems biological background for investigation of signal transduction in human platelets. If you use information from this resource, please cite the following publication:

PlateletWeb: a systems biologic analysis of signaling networks in human platelets. Boyanova D, Nilla S, Birschmann I, Dandekar T, Dittrich M
Blood 119, e22 (Jan 19, 2012).