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Using the PlateletWeb knowledge base

PlateletWeb is a bioinformatical knowledge base covering the platelet proteome, phosphoproteome, kinome, transcriptome and interactome. By combining data of published platelet proteome and transcriptome studies with comprehensive protein-protein interaction data a first model of the platelet interactome has been derived. PlateletWeb makes this platelet interactome accessible to all researchers and allows an easy navigation through the web of platelet interactions. Additional information about the type of evidence (proteome, transcriptome or both) for each protein is provided. Based on the data of a recent phosphoproteome study the type of phosphorylation (serine/threonine, tyrosine) is indicated by an icon on the right side.

Search for a specific protein

Searching for a specific protein is easy: Simply enter the name of the protein or a part of the name (at least three characters) into the search field and submit your query. You will obtain a list of all proteins matching your query term. If the query term is too general it will produce too many (>50) matches. In this case no results will be returned and you will be asked to refine your search.

Platelet interactome

The result list contains the name and a short description for each protein. The marker on the left side indicates whether the protein has been described on the level of the proteome, transcriptome or both. On the right hand side information about the phosphorylation status of each protein is provided. Most importantly the link beneath the protein description displays the number of platelet interaction partners. This allows an easy navigation through the platelet interactome. The protein description page can be reached by clicking on the gene symbol.


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